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Fall is coming, which means leaf blowers, back to school, and, of course, new iPhones. Apple has announced that its annual iPhone event will be on September 12. What will we actually see? Here's what to expect based on the rumors so far.

We’ve all become used to 3D plastic printing over the last few years, and the ease it has brought to design and prototyping. Advances in the technology mean that instant metal fabrication is quickly becoming a reality, which clearly opens a new world of possibilities.

NASA is preparing to launch a cutting-edge, laser-armed satellite that will spend three years studying Earth's changing ice sheets from above. Called the Ice, Cloud and Land Elevation Satellite-2 (ICESat-2), the mission is currently scheduled to launch in mid-September. The satellite will be able to measure the changing thickness of individual patches of ice from season to season, registering increases and decreases as small as a fifth of an inch (half a centimeter).

While space has been an excellent forum for peaceful exploration, it is also an excellent high ground from which to gain a military advantage. Spy satellites have been in use for decades. And in one form or another, as long as the Space Age has been around, various agencies have envisioned using space as a platform for missile launches or other activities. In this slide show, check out the top 10 space weapon concepts from over the years. (This slideshow was updated on Dec. 21, 2016).

Edric Tech is an expertise and ability to implement any portal solutions to deliver innovative, quality services and best development software.

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We focus our training on office management tools, javascript, php, HTML 3/5, Graphics, web development and management, content management system development.

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